REFURBISHED - BabyBjorn One Carrier

The ergonomic, comfortable babywearing choice. BabyBjorn works closely with medical experts and paediatricians to develop the safest and most supportive carriers for tiny tots, and the Carrier One has everything you need. Choose from two height positions, and have your child facing in, out, or carried on your back. As baby grows, the carrier adjusts to give proper support at each stage of development. The soft, flexible fabric also ensures you can see and feel your baby’s position as you walk. The sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps make everything more comfortable for mum and dad, who can use the Carrier One for newborns up to the age of 3. It’s also machine washable, has flexible straps to suit everyone, and is certified hip-healthy for baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Suitable for ages 0-3 years (min. 8 lbs/ 3.5 kg Max. 33 lbs/ 15 kg & 21 – 39 in/ 53 – 100 cm) Easy-to-adjust head support All Refurbished BabyBjorn Carriers have been cleaned, checked & sanitised.

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Refurbished by Markot
What is refurbished?
Baby Bjorn
Baby Bjorn One Baby Carrier
Year: 2021
Why choose refurbished ?
  • Refurbished products are thoroughly tested by Markot professionals
  • Refurbished products are much cheaper than buying new, great for those on a budget
  • You are choosing an eco-friendly option and being a part of the circular economy
  • Only the best brands refurbished so you aren't sacrificing quality for a lower price
Checked, cleaned and verified by Markot
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...'It looked brand new when I received it and in such good condition'
I absolutely loved my Bugaboo I brought from Markot. It looked brand new when I received it and in such good condition. Bonus, it was such a good price too!
Brunna C
...'knowing that it was cleaned and sanitised was just perfect'
I bought a Snoo from Markot and it was in perfect condition. I really wanted a Snoo but I didn't want to buy brand new so to get one from Markot refurbished and knowing that it was cleaned and sanitised was just perfect.
Sophie K
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What is 'refurbished' ?
A refurbished Markot product refers to the process of restoring a pre-owned baby item to a like-new condition through cleaning, sanitising and other necessary modifications. This ensures the item is fully functional and safe for use, making it a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand new product.
Why choose refurbished?
Best brands at affordable prices
Perfect for those on a budget
Being a part of the circular economy
No strangers rocking up to your door
Choosing an eco friendly option
A premium quality service
Trusted, cleaned, sanitised
Confidence that your product has been refurbished from its previous owner
Markot offers a service that far exceeds anything else on the market
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What refurbished looks like - before and after
See the before and after process and hear from the Markot team about how we ring life back into the circle economy and how you can save big.