OVERSTOCKED - Haakaa Silicone Feeding Tube Set

Haakaa Silicone Feeding Tube and Generation 3 Baby Bottle now come together as a convenient Supplemental Feeding Combo for mothers who are experiencing feeding or latching issues with their babies!

Many mums and their babies experience feeding issues – including latching problems, low milk supply, or maybe little ones that need a little extra nourishment or help to learn how to feed.

The Silicone Feeding Tube Set helps you to overcome some of these common issues by connecting a bottle of supplemented milk to your breast via a tube, delivering a constant and controllable flow of milk to baby at the breast. 

Through the use of the Silicone Feeding Tube, both mother and baby can experience the natural physical sensation of breastfeeding, while encouraging mum’s supply and ensuring that baby receives adequate nutrition.

The Haakaa Silicone Baby Bottle is made from 100% food grade silicone, which makes it uniquely soft and safe for your baby.

It is easy for little hands to hold, and because the silicone is impact-resistant, you can teach independence without worrying about breakages.

It works seamlessly with our Silicone Feeding Tube Set, and is fully compatible with the rest of our silicone bottle attachments too! 

With a quick twist of the top, you can swap out your baby bottle teat for any of our range of optional interchangeable attachments (each sold separately).

We have a feeding spoon dispenser for when your baby moves on to solids, a sippy bottle top to help your independent toddler transition from a bottle to a cup and a sealing disk to preserve any leftover food or milk after feeding.

This combo pack includes 1 x Silicone Feeding Tube Set, 1 x 250ml Gen. 3 Silicone Baby Bottle with an X-shaped Variable Flow Nipple.


  • Feeding tube made with food grade silicone and polyformaldehyde.
  • Flow controller provides a consistent flow of liquid.
  • Provides added nutrition to the baby, while also giving mum and baby the sensation of breastfeeding.
  • Long and slim tube for inconspicuous and discreet use.
  • Baby bottle made of food grade silicone with great anti-impact performance.
  • Soft, naturally-shaped silicone nipple designed to closely mimic breastfeeding.
  • Multifunctional design, compatible with Gen. 3 attachments.
  • Ultra-wide neck design allows for easy cleaning.
  • Safe in microwaves, boiling water and sterilisers.
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.


  1. Insert both the inlet and outlet tubes into ends of the tube adapter. Thread the end of the outlet tube through the flow controller.
  2. Push the thick inlet tube down through the X-shaped opening on the Variable Flow Nipple and pull it through until it is long enough to reach the milk in the bottle. Attach the nipple to the bottle.
  3. Place the end of the thin outlet tube 1-2cm away from your nipple and secure its position with medical tape.
  4. Introduce your baby to your nipple and then place the thin outlet tube gently into their mouth to begin feeding.
  5. Squeeze the Gen. 3 Silicone Baby Bottle body to control the flow of milk. Increase pressure on the bottle to increase the speed that milk flows or reduce pressure to slow it down.
  6. You can also use the flow controller to manager the speed that milk flows, adjusting to suit your child.

Cleaning and Care:
Clean after each use. Use the included cleaning brush to scrub the inside of the tube before rinsing with hot water. For smoother operation, feed the brush through the tube by the handle and pull through. We strongly recommend cleaning and sterilising these products with any steam sterilising system, or by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes. Do not use any bleach-based agents or sterilising tablets to clean these products. Do not use a UV steriliser to clean these products as it may impact their lifespan. 

Note: This is a Brand New product from Vendor.

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Haakaa Silicone Feeding Tube Set
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